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At Arak Logistics, we are dedicated to providing fast, reliable, and comprehensive logistics solutions for businesses worldwide. Our global air freight capabilities enable us to deliver cargo to all cities, countries, and continents. Through our strategic partnerships with major air carriers, we offer our customers priority access to competitive rates and space allocations.

World-Class Air Freight Solutions

Air export services to all sectors, including offline sectors, with minimum transit time

Constant communication with airlines for timely departure, arrival, and door-delivery

Expertise in handling a variety of cargo, including hazardous, fragile, or oversized items

Sea-Air, Air-Air, and Air-Sea Services

  • Combining different transport modes to optimize delivery times and costs Import/Export Consolidation
  • Streamlining your logistics process by consolidating multiple shipments Comprehensive Logistics Programs
  • Customized warehousing, documentation, and handling services IATA/FIATA Approved Agent
  • Trust in our professional standards and industry accreditation On-Time Delivery
  • Guaranteed punctual inbound and outbound shipments Advanced Visibility
  • Real-time online tracking system for monitoring your supply chain
Express cargo courier services

Our Global Tracking System

Arak Logistics employs the FAST LOGISTICS CARGO global tracking system, offering complete visibility throughout the movement of your cargo. From collection at origin to customs clearance and delivery to the consignee, our system ensures transparent and efficient communication.

Why Choose Arak Logistics?

Our highly skilled and experienced team is committed to meeting your logistics needs. We work diligently to ensure the timely departure, arrival, and door-delivery of your consignment, whether it’s a door-to-door service or a more complex logistics program.

Partner with Arak Logistics today for exceptional speed, reliability, and customer satisfaction. Contact us now to discuss your logistics requirements and discover how we can optimize your supply chain.

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